Speaking on the future of work, digital nomads, global mobility, and internet countries.


I've spoken at government, travel, and tech conferences around the world including the United Nations, European Commission, Skift Global Forum, and The Next Web.

The topics I cover are the future of work, digital nomads, global mobility, and internet countries. I mainly do keynotes, panels, podcast interviews, and fireside chats.

To book me as a speaker, please contact Tessa Sterkenburg at The Next Speaker agency on


"Thank you SO MUCH for your presentation and sharing your time and expertise with our group. It was great to have you! Even in the face of tough questions, you responded expertly. Looking forward to keeping tabs on your work going forward." – Amanda McPherson, United Nations

“The timing of Lauren’s rise as a scholar, activist and builder—and the themes of her work—could hardly be more promising. She captures where humanity his headed by confidently showing how the next generation is embracing a borderless, nomadic future.”
Dr. Parag Khanna, Author of “Move” & “The Future Is Asian”

“Lauren is a relaxed and organised professional. She's well prepared for anything, whether it be a more informal chat or structured lecture. She's very broadly educated and experienced, which makes her an inspiring and highly articulate speaker and partner.”
Sophie Op den Kamp, The Next Web

“Not only is Lauren's breadth and depth of understanding around the rapidly shifting world of work razor sharp, but she brings a rare wisdom and gravitas to a discussion. I very much look forward to working with Lauren again."
Peter Barden, Forward Democracy

“The greatest task we face today is to create global institutions that replace the obsolete national ones, and there is no one with more foresight, insight and dedication to this cause than Lauren Razavi.”
Sondre Rasch, SafetyWing

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