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TIME Magazine

The Dream of an ‘Internet Country’ That Would Let You Work From Anywhere
Digital nomads want greater flexibility to travel and work remotely

The Conversation

Digital nomads have rejected the office and now want to replace the nation state. But there is a darker side to this quest for global freedom
As an anthropologist, I have chronicled the digital nomad lifestyle for the past seven years. The reality is far less glamorous than you might imagine


How can digital nomad visas benefit remote workers, and the economy?
What is a digital visa, where can you travel and how can remote workers boost the economy and support local businesses? ROADBOOK reports.

The Next Web

A community of digital nomads wants to build an internet country for digital citizens
A new community of digital nomads called Plumia is advocating for the development of borderless digital nations. Could this be the future?

Gen.T by Tatler Asia

How Remote-Work Visas Are Paving A Future For Digital Nomads
Covid has accelerated the digital nomadism trend, as remote-work visas legitimise the experience and open up a world of possibilities

The Bold Italic

Will Silicon Valley Go Back Into the Office in 2021?
After nearly a year of sheltering in place, the way we work has fundamentally changed. More than 40% of American workers are working entirely from home, and some Bay Area tech giants have already…


Audio-only social app Clubhouse takes Europe by storm | Sifted
The hottest social app in town has turned its sights on the European market, leading to an explosion in growth in recent weeks.

Le Monde

Les entreprises de la « tech » ont déserté les bureaux de San Francisco et misent durablement sur le travail à distance
Une fois la pandémie passée, beaucoup d’entre elles veulent garder la flexibilité imposée par la pandémie, quitte à vider leurs bureaux en ville.

2021 Remote Influencer Report

The Next Web Guest Posts

Will nomad hubs become the next startup cities?
Where will the next Silicon Valley be? With the rise of remote working nomad hubs may become the startup cities of the future.
Is the digital nomad dream dead?
The digital nomad craze reached its peak and then faded as many returned home or sheltered in place during Covid-19. But will digital nomads come back in full force?

Digiday Future of Work Series

Remote work has kickstarted a hotel subscription-living movement
Instead of marketing overnight stays, hotels are switching their focus to flexible monthly subscriptions
Navigating the different models for the future of a global return to work
A move to global, distributed teams has created an opportunity for a fresh wave of software-as-a-service startups to simplify the challenges.
How the rise of ‘digital nomad’ visas will drive the global battle for talent
In response to COVID-19, countries are launching “digital nomad visas” in the hopes of replacing tourists with remote workers.
U.S. cities offer cash incentives to skilled remote workers to relocate
If you’re a remote worker planning to relocate this year, you might just find a destination willing to pay you thousands of dollars to do so.