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If you'd like to book me to speak, please email my agent Alma Dijkstra on alma@thenextspeaker.com.

Lauren Razavi is an award-winning writer, speaker, and policy advisor working across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. She was an early adopter of remote work and has lived as a digital nomad since 2013. Her first book, Global Natives: The New Frontiers of Work, Travel, and Innovation, will be published by Holloway in late 2021.

Lauren regularly appears in the global media, providing expert commentary on digital nomads and the future of work for brands like Le Monde, NPR, BBC News, Sifted, Tatler, and Condé Nast Traveler. In February 2021, she was named one of the world’s most influential voices in remote work by Remote.com’s Influencer Report.

Lauren is currently a tech policy fellow at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, where she is leading a policy project called The Great Migration: Remote Work, Digital Nomads, and the Future of Citizenship. Her writing on the human impact of business, technology, and innovation appears in titles such as Wired, The Guardian, VICE, and The Atlantic.

Formerly Google’s managing editor for the future of work, Lauren is an accomplished ghostwriter for senior executives and has led distributed teams of top creative talent from around the world. She also advises governments and consults for major companies including Amazon, Emirates, Randstad, and Royal Bank of Canada.

Lauren is a founding board member at Plumia, a collective of remote entrepreneurs using blockchain technologies to build a country on the internet. She shares insights and stories about remote work, digital nomads and borderless living in her Counterflows newsletter, read by thousands each week, and tweets @LaurenRazavi.

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“Lauren is a relaxed and organised professional. She's well prepared for anything, whether it be a more informal chat or structured lecture. She's very broadly educated and experienced, which makes her an inspiring and highly articulate speaker and partner.” Sophie Op den Kamp, Managing Director at TNW Spaces, Jun 2021

“Not only is Lauren's breadth and depth of understanding around the rapidly shifting world of work razor sharp, but she brings a rare wisdom and gravitas to a discussion. I very much look forward to working with Lauren again." Peter Barden, Partnerships Lead at Forward Democracy, Apr 2021

"Lauren is an incredible moderator! She helped us turn our speaker series into an experience that inspires, sparks conversation, and encourages creative thinking. She is excellent at leading the discussion, keeping it engaging, and really digging into the heart of the topic. Lauren adds tremendous value with her perspectives, experiences and expert knowledge as a guest speaker in her own right too." Barbara Jovanovic, Head of Content at SafetyWing, May 2021

"We have worked with Lauren a few times now and she has always been super inspiring. The amount of preparation she does for each engagement is tremendous. She also shares so many nuggets of advice and is open to trying new things with and for us!" Emelie Helsen, Creative Entrepreneurship at Ravensbourne University, Feb 2021

If you'd like to book me to speak, please email my agent Alma Dijkstra on alma@thenextspeaker.com.