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Lauren Razavi is author of Global Natives, a book about the future of work, travel and innovation:

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Lauren Razavi has been working globally and remotely for 10+ years with roles in the music, media, and software industries. In February 2021, she was recognized as one of the world's top 75 remote work influencers by Remote. Lauren has visited 40+ countries and published 250+ media stories with titles like The Guardian, VICE, Digiday, and Wired. Her first book, Global Natives: The New Frontiers of Work, Travel & Innovation, explores the rise of digital nomads and work from anywhere. Lauren's work spans technology, business, policy, and human behaviour, and her clients include Google, Emirates, Royal Bank of Canada, Randstad, and the Singapore Government. She's also part of the founding team at Plumia, a project aiming to build a country on the internet. Lauren's weekly Counterflows newsletter covers distributed work and borderless living and is read by 1,200+ curious people from around the world.

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