Counterflows: Issue #93


The best links about digital nomads, global mobility, remote work, travel, ideas, culture.


A New Island of Innovation Beckons Entrepreneurs: The Próspera governance platform is building a private next-gen city on the island of Roatan. The project hopes to become known as the Hong Kong of the Caribbean; a special economic zone for founders, investors and engineers. (via Times of Israel)

Lima Should Be On Your Radar as a Digital Nomad: "If you like the big city feel but want a chill and tasty experience, Lima is the place for you. Sure, you could live off 50 cent beef heart skewers, but take the time to go to the Michelin-star restaurants too." (via Reddit)


Emigration Is in the Air for Britons: Migration policy in Britain is framed almost entirely by people arriving, but shouldn't more attention be paid to those on their way out? Yes, plenty of people want to come to Britain—but lots of people also want to leave. (via Economist)

Uruguay Is Plotting to Poach Argentina’s Tech Sector: Uruguay is trying to do tech migration differently, by rolling out the red carpet for remote workers to settle down permanently. Escaping crisis, Argentine tech workers want to recreate their home startup scene just across the river. (via Rest of World)


Top 3 Skills You Need to Land a Work-From-Anywhere Job: As pandemic restrictions continue to ease and more firms ask their employees return to the office, roles that are full-time, flexible and remote are still hot commodities. Here are the top three skills you need to thrive in a remote job. (via CNBC)

Why Virtual Meetings Generate Fewer Ideas: The ease of gathering online made the shift to widespread remote work possible, but a recent study finds that virtual meetings are less effective than in-person sessions when it comes to generating ideas and creativity. (via Stanford Business)


What Should You Work On? This essay questions the nature of ambition in modern society and delves into the five buckets of work worth doing in the 21st century. TLDR: Smart people need to focus on solving real problems and building next-gen infrastructure. (via David Perell)

Don't Read 100 Books Per Year: As the end of the year approaches, there's the usual stream of aspirational book lists and a never-ending swell of people boasting about all the reading they did in 2022. This YouTube video argues that we should all aim to read fewer books, not more of them. (via Nat Eliason)