Counterflows: Issue #92


The best links about digital nomads, global mobility, remote work, travel, ideas, culture.


These Are the Top 10 Healthiest Countries for Digital Nomads—Here’s Why the US Didn’t Make the List: How prepared are different countries for future epidemics and pandemics? Based on data from the Economist Intelligence Unit, a new ranking analyzes how "healthy" 195 of the world's nations are for digital nomads. (via CNBC)

Bulgaria Becomes a Hub for Digital Nomads: Bansko, a small town in the Bulgarian mountains, has become Europe's latest nomad hotspot. With a population of just 9,000, the town is now rumoured to have more coworking spaces per capita than anywhere else on earth. And nomads are flocking there from all over the place. (via DW)


The Refugees Working Remotely for Firms Around the World: The UNHCR is advocating remote work as a solution to the tensions caused by refugees trying to find work within their new communities, where jobs may already be scarce. This story explores the prospect of turning refugees into remote workers. (via BBC News)

The Contentious History of the Passport: The passport is a relatively new invention, created only in the aftermath of World War I. This story delves into the strange history of the passport and how a legal but ethically questionable market for citizenship has emerged since the 1980s. (via National Geographic)


Startups Are Following Elon Musk and Cutting Down on Remote-Only Jobs: The novelty of remote work is wearing off for some companies, as new data shows that fewer European firms are advertising fully remote roles. This story looks at why Europe's startups are scaling back on remote hires. (via Sifted)

The Employer’s Guide to Managing Digital Nomads: Why would companies allow—or even encourage—their employees to work from anywhere? This post looks at the nomad question from the perspective of companies, offering practical guidance on how to make work from anywhere work. (via Remote)


Meet the Companies Kickstarting American Renewal: Affordable childcare; reusable rockets; unsnarled supply chains; sustainable farming; clean energy; accessible housing. The American Dynamism 50 are the companies tackling some of the US's stickiest, most pressing challenges—and pioneering new technologies in the process. (via a16z)

How I Started My Own Research Consultancy: A detailed, no-nonsense post summarising one Redditor's experience of launching a research and policy consultancy from scratch. As they put it: "My business is hard work. It's not passive income. It's not a traditional startup. But it offers incredible freedom and resilience, even in times of recession." (via Reddit)