Counterflows: Issue #91


The best links about digital nomads, global mobility, remote work, travel, ideas, culture.


Will “Work From Hotel” Catch On? “Third spaces”—neither office nor home—are not a new idea. More than 30 years ago, private membership club brand Soho House pioneered the concept of work while mingling with fellow global professionals in an elegant setting. Now hotels are getting in on the action. (via The Economist)

Brazil's Paradise Beach City Is the First Digital Nomad Village in South America: Fast WiFi, a safe location, good restaurants, vibrant nightlife, high-quality accommodation and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; the first digital nomad village, brought to life by Gonçalo Hall, in South America opened in Brazil last month. (via Yahoo)


Are We Really Prisoners of Geography? A wave of bestselling authors claim that global affairs are still ultimately governed by the immutable facts of geography—mountains, oceans, rivers, resources, and the like. But has the world changed more than they realise? (via The Guardian)

Bitcoin Cash Could Be Legal Tender in St. Kitts by March, Prime Minister Says: The entrepreneurial Caribbean nation, known for pioneering the concept of a "golden passport" back in the 1980s, has announced plans to join El Salvador and the Central African Republic in backing cryptocurrency as legal tender, with new laws expected by March. (via CoinDesk)


Remote Work Is Closing the Geographic Pay Gap: It used to be much cheaper to recruit engineers who didn’t live in expensive tech hubs in the US. Now, not so much. Tech companies can still save by hiring in cheaper cities, but the geographic wage gap is shrinking fast, especially for senior roles. Prediction: first within nations, next across borders. (via Protocol)

Asynchronous Communication Means Sustainability Over Speed: Remote work is fast closing the door on the era of workplace presenteeism, as is the "always switched on" mentality that fuels worker burnout. In the new landscape that's emerging, teams need to master asynchronous communication, using digital tools to create a distributed work culture that works. (via Ness Labs)


Is Selling Shares in Yourself the Way of the Future? We usually think of inequalities as extending from bottom to top: I earn a little wealth over eight hours; Bill Gates earns much more. But there are also inequalities that extend longitudinally, from the past into the future. Two tech-minded brothers are testing a new market on themselves. (via The New Yorker)

Why More Creatives Should Lead Major Companies: Airbnb CEO and Cofounder Brian Chesky shares how he navigated both the financial crisis and a pandemic to build an iconic brand with staying power. In a world where few creative people helm major companies, Chesky has managed something entirely different. (via Fast Company)