Counterflows: Issue #89


The best links about digital nomads, global mobility, remote work, travel, ideas, culture.


Spain’s Digital Nomad Law Is a Game Changer: Dreaming of late nights in tapas bars and day trips to Europe’s finest beaches? After 16 months of discussion, Spain has finally approved its new digital nomad law, paving the way for remote workers and entrepreneurs to make the country their homebase. (via God Save the Points)

The Rise of Digital Nomad Families: Once upon a time, the term "digital nomad" almost exclusively conjured images of 20-somethings hanging out in beach bars. Now, though, an increasing number of families are hitting the road, working and learning as they explore new corners of the globe. (via BBC)


Americans Move to Mexico at Record Pace to Remote Work: US citizens are settling in Mexico at rates not seen since its government began keeping records back in 2010, with applications for temporary residency permits soaring 85% compared with the year before the pandemic. (via Bloomberg)

Is the World Ready for Mass Migration Due to Climate Change? With global warming expected to displace three billion people by the end of the century, is it time to upgrade how we think about national borders? You can probably already guess my answer to this question. (via BBC)


The Case Against Collaboration: Involving more people in a project doesn’t guarantee productivity gains, nor does it automatically deliver more diversity of thought. So, the challenge is not to cultivate more collaboration. It's to cultivate the right collaboration. (via Paul Taylor)

The Future of Work is Pseudonymous: On the internet, no one knows if you’re a cat, and this might turn out to be its most useful feature. In the near future, most people (and some cats) will work and earn a living under a name that is not their own. Here's why. (via Freehold)


Introducing the Plumia Internet Country Cohort: Join a 6-week virtual adventure for ambitious, future-curious people who want to learn more about internet countries and network states. Facilitated by my wonderful colleague Chance Taken. See you there? (via Plumia)

How a Solo Creator Produces His Podcast: An extensive guide offering tips for the preparation, production and promotion of an independent, interview-based podcast. This blog post does a really nice job of blending "how to" advice with reflections on process and creativity. (via David Perell)

Correction: I made a mistake in last week's newsletter, and eagle-eyed Counterflows reader Kristine Bolt was kind enough to hit reply and let me know. Namibia's recently-launched nomad visa was not Africa's first—Mauritius launched one way back in January 2021, as I reported in this very newsletter. D'oh! 🤦‍♀️