Counterflows: Issue #87


This week's best links about digital nomads, global mobility, remote work, ideas, culture.


Borderless living and work from anywhere.

The Dream of an 'Internet Country' That Would Let You Work From Anywhere

What if anyone, not just people from countries with strong passports, could live as digital nomads? I spoke with Joel Balsam, a long-time subscriber of this newsletter, for his story exploring the Plumia mission. (via TIME)

Anti-Nomad Protests at Lisbon's Web Summit

Portuguese residents staged protests against the country's new visa program for remote workers and digital nomads, believing it prioritises visitors over locals and is adding fuel to the fire of nationwide gentrification and rising living costs. (via Pieter Haeck)


Travel and the free movement of people.

Southeast Asian Countries Are Rolling Out Nomad Visas

As the Northern hemisphere winter sets in, three countries in the tropics of Southeast Asia have launched new visas for remote workers and digital nomads. Here's how they compare. (via Business Insider)

The Netherlands May Be the First Country to Hit the Limits of Growth

With 507 people per sq km and its liveable land shrinking due to climate change, the Netherlands is running out of both space and staff. Is it the first country to hit the limits of economic growth? (via FT)


Tips and insights for the new era of work.

Why Remote Startups Will Win the War for Top Talent

When employees have the freedom and flexibility to organise work around living, rather than living around work, a new paradigm emerges. Now, any company that’s less remote than its competitors risks losing its most talented people. (via Future by a16z)

So You Want to Work Remotely: A Guide

As more companies offer their staff flexibility, countries, travel brands and entrepreneurs are stepping in to make working from anywhere easier, with everything from special visas to work pods. (via NY Times)


Smart thinking for creatives and knowledge workers.

AI Art Contest: Win $3K in Cash Prizes

Share your artistic vision of an internet country by generating artwork using AI tools like DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. Cash prizes for the best submissions. Entries close Nov 13th. (via Plumia)

Are You the Same Person You Used to Be?

People have strong, divergent opinions about the continuity of their own selves. Researchers have studied how much of our personality is set from childhood—but what you’re like isn’t who you are. (via The New Yorker)