Counterflows: Issue #85


A nomadic writer's guide to borderless living.


Borderless living and work from anywhere.

Lauren Razavi on Global Natives, Nomad Passport & Plumia

I've been on a bit of a virtual tour since Global Natives launched last month, and recently appeared on Camellia Yang's podcast. We talked about the the past, present, and potential of the nomad movement, plus Plumia's work to design a next-gen passport accepted at borders worldwide. (via Chiwi Journal)

Bali Makes Way for Digital Nomads with New Visa Plans

Indonesia is rethinking its tourism strategy, and hoping to attract longer-stay guests who will spend more and spur economic innovation. To make that happen, the government is creating a special visa to allow remote workers to travel there for up to five years without becoming tax residents. (via Bloomberg)


Travel and the free movement of people.

'Visa Shopping' Is Causing a Spike in Applications to Visit Lithuania

People without powerful passports are hacking the Schengen visa system in true nomad style. Since appointments at the French, Italian, Spanish, and Greece embassies book up months in advance, an increasing number of applicants are putting together trips to Lithuania instead, but never actually visiting the country. (via VICE)

How Refugees Transformed a Dying Rust Belt Town

The city of Utica in New York State has a population of 60,000 and one quarter of its people are refugees. This reported story meets the locals who left refugee camps in different corners of the globe to build new lives here, revealing the struggles and potential of community integration and economic rejuvenation. (via NY Times)


Tips and insights for the new era of work.

The Countries Resisting Remote Work

Remote work is now the norm across many countries, but Japan and France are outliers where adoption has been much less rapid. This story digs into the data and the situation on the ground, exploring the ways in which work culture reflects national culture. (via BBC Worklife)

How to Become a Remote Developer

Entrepreneur Per Borgen explains how doing a three-month coding bootcamp lead him to found the developer learning platform Scrimba, then grow it from a side project to a fully-fledged startup. With advice on no-code tools, learning to code, and landing remote jobs. (via Building Remotely)


Smart thinking for creatives and knowledge workers.

14 Warning Signs You're Living in a Society Without a Counterculture

What does it mean to be a society without a counterculture? From sameness in creative work to rewarding imitation and repetition, this post paints a vivid picture of how to identify a society with no counterculture. It starts with a short definition then shares 14 curated tweets to illustrate the effect. (via The Honest Broker)

Slowly: A Global Penpal App for the 21st Century

Every weekend, my husband writes to a scientist in Tehran, an aspiring playwright in Singapore, and a ballet dancer in Buenos Aires. This is the magic of Slowly, an app that invites users to exchange virtual letters with people all over the world. It has fun features like time delays based on distance too. (via Slowly)