Counterflows: Issue #84

Counterflows: Issue #84


A nomadic writer's guide to borderless living.


Borderless living and work from anywhere.

➤ Airbnb’s Search Shakeup Wasn’t Good Enough for Nomads

Remote work-friendly homes need more than desks and verified WiFi speeds. Airbnb may have missed a trick after carrying out its "biggest change in a decade," which essentially amounted to reorganising its search around curated categories. Will new startups emerge to serve the nomad market? (via Skift)

➤ How Nomad Visas Can Boost Local Economies

Professor Raj Choudhury of Harvard Business School looks at the rise of digital nomad visas and how "nomads, and remote workers in general, can be a boon to any economy—spending money, facilitating collaboration and spurring innovation." Good to see these ideas filtering through to the mainstream! (via Harvard Business Review)


Travel and the free movement of people.

➤ Success Depends On Access, Not Location

This multimedia story explores Estonia's groundbreaking e-Residency program and its increasing relevance in a remote-first, post-pandemic world. The program allows people to register for government services and become part of a global community of digital "citizens" with ties to Estonia. (via WashPost)

➤ How to Set Up Your Nomad Taxes in Costa Rica

Part of a new blog series to help nomads navigate their tax options in different countries. If you're considering making Costa Rica your home base and/or tax base, this in-depth guide takes you through the steps of getting set up, from eligibility to residency to visa fees. (via Building Remotely)


Tips and insights for the new era of work.

➤ The Rise of the Rural Remote Worker

For decades, Portugal's rural economy has been stagnant and its villages empty. Now, young remote workers are reversing the trend as they seek out access to nature, cheaper rent, less time in traffic, and a lower carbon footprint. Of course, government grants of up to €4,800 for people to relocate are helping! (via FT)

➤ In a Hybrid World, Your Tech Defines Employee Experience

How can teams communicate, collaborate, and connect in a remote environment? As companies compete for talent and redesign their businesses, the technology they use has become the most prominent form of employee experience. Many companies are falling short. (via Harvard Business Review)


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➤ Apply for the TED Fellows Program

The TED Fellows Program recognises those working on world-changing ideas: the doers, makers, inventors, advocates, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, artists, educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and human rights activists building the future. Apply until June 30th. (via TED Talks)

➤ Why More Young People Are Turning To Nihilism

Amid rising inequality and the climate crisis, the view that life is meaningless is gaining traction. “I think nihilism is necessary for a true life,” the 15-year-old student said. “We are thrust into this universe for no apparent reason.” But can believing nothing matters also be a catalyst for positive action? (via Huck Magazine)